Aviation Information

Flight Facilities

There’s no more exhilarating way to approach Zebula Golf Estate and Spa than from the air! From way up there, the bird’s eye view reveals the true magnificence of the estate and golf course, something that cannot be experienced from the ground. More often than not, the airstrip is a-buzz with animals attracted by the warmth of the tarmac, and many are the pilots who have had to perform a low fly over to drive them off in order to land. Often, even this is not enough, and game rangers on quad bikes are commandeered to encourage the more stubborn specimens to seek newer, greener, pastures elsewhere. Ever seen a Mexican stand-off between a bad-tempered Ostrich and a ranger on a quad bike? There’s no telling which way it could play out, but it happens quite regularly at the Zebula airstrip! Both plane and helicopter charters to Zebula are available for those who choose to avoid the Friday afternoon traffic out of Jo’burg and Pretoria. We also recommend the option of a fly-in golf, game and spa package for guests with a less time on their hands. Please contact Zebula Reception for more information.

Kindly enquire with our conferencing department for additional information or assistance.

Runway Information:

Runway Headings: 08 / 26
Coordinates (WGS 84): S 24 45.345 E 027 58.196
Altitude: 08 - 4213 feet 26 - 4182 feet
Length / Width: 1400m / 13m (Tarred)
Condition: Centre section of 13m is hard surfaced. Shoulders - 3 meters compact gravel.
Trees to clear: 08 - Yes 26 - No
Windsock: Yes, in middle of runway west of three hangers - Blue
Take off suggestion: Unless wind is adverse preferred take off is downhill from 08
Parking area: Hard surfaced area at 08 for 5 aircraft, additional parking alongside runway.
Buildings: Three hangers in middle on North side of runway. Windsock is situated to the West of the hangers. Large hanger situated 200m from the threshold of Runway 26
Helicopters: Landing and temporary parking permitted 200m NE of clubhouse on North of driving range. Clubhouse coordinates: S24 44.723 E 027 58.028
Alternative runway: Runway is 2 miles south of Mabula Lodge airstrip which can be used as an alternative in emergency. Runway headings 14/32.
Important/Danger: Airfield is situated in a Game Reserve, so please fly over and check for animals before landing. Wild animals can roam over the strip, runway is not fenced – Caution must be exercised!