Cheetah Run and Interaction

What a rush! Don't miss the opportunity to watch Tarzan and Jane do what cheetahs do best - Run! A cheetah speeding at over 100km per hour a mere 10 metres in front of you is something that has to be seen to be believed! Be prepared to be totally mesmerised, but don't blink because you will miss it, they are fast! Opportunities for hands-on animal encounters are unmatched at Zebula. Meet Tarzan and Jane, our tame resident cheetahs and have a photo taken to prove to family and friends around the world that you have touched the world's fastest animal.

Price and Times
Cheetah RunAdult, Children and VIP rates applyFriday & Saturday: Times are subject to seasonality. Please enquire with the Adventure and Activity Centre for available times and rates
Additional Information
* VIP tickets at the Cheetah Run includes drinks and snacks as well as a higher vantage point for better photo opportunities