The Rise of the Bleisure Traveller

From the digital nomad tapping out a blog post on a beach in Bali to the manager checking her emails on a Niseko ski lift, from the full-time freelancer in a coworking space to the engineer coding from his home office, technology has blurred the boundaries between work and play, professional and personal, career and downtime.
And as the lines between work and life blur, so do the distinctions between business and personal travel. It’s a trend that goes way beyond the tried-and-tested formula of bringing your partner to a conference. Where destinations appeal, professionals around the globe are increasingly adding weekends, or even weeks, to work trips, whether solo, with a partner or as a family. So established is this hybrid of business and leisure travel that it’s acquired a portmanteau moniker – “leisure travel”.
Zebula Golf Estate and Spa is perfectly equipped to cater for all types of business travelers – whatever their needs may be – and will do whatever it takes to ensure their business travel is a success.
Whether it be an encounter with elephants, or experiencing the adrenaline rush of a quad bike safari, enjoying 5 star cuisine, convenient locations to build professional relationships, constant connectivity and the facilities to work effectively, a desire to stay fit and healthy whilst on the road, or the space to truly unwind at the end of the busy day, Zebula is the ideal choice

Spas are good for your next business meeting

Spas, havens of relaxation and tranquility that promote wellness and relief through services and amenities that relax the body and soothe the soul, provide the ultimate escape for on-the-go individuals. In fact, according to the International Spa Association, the No. 1 reason people go to a spa is to relax and to relieve or reduce stress. And in today’s troubling economic times, it’s likely your meetings are full of stressed-out attendees in need of serenity. “With this difficult economy, many people are facing more anxiety than ever, so providing a chance to pause and alleviate stress is critical and beneficial during a long business meeting,” says ISPA President Lynne McNees.

How to Choose Conference Locations

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where to host your next conference. No one location is right for every event. Consider your attendees. Are they focused more on convenience, price, culture, or climate? If you’re planning a conference geared toward adventure-seeking sales reps, it’s probably important to look for conference locations with outdoor activities. But if you’re planning a conference for busy finance professionals, the most important factor might be convenience and finding a location that isn’t too far and has great internet connectivity.

When choosing a conference location, there are lots of things to consider, including:

  • Safety
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation and restaurant costs
  • Access to the airport
  • A wide variety of activities
  • Climate
  • Cultural attractions
  • Number of rooms available

Why Golf will benefit you in business

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Golf can be one of the most challenging and frustrating games that you will ever play. Unlike other sports, your opponents are not trying to hit, tackle or throw one by you. No, in golf, you’re playing against the course and the conditions. Like in business, your fate is in your hands. Golf also magnifies true character. Engaging in a sport like golf allows you to see your playing partners in a variety of different situations: failure, success, leisure, and stress. If your round starts off as a casual, fun experience and ends with thrown or broken clubs (unlikely, but entirely possible!), then perhaps you have learned something about your business cohort that you wouldn’t have learned in a conference room. The qualities required to be a delightful golfing partner often match those of a good business partner– patience, cool under pressure, and adaptable. Finally, you can’t forget about the 19th hole. At the end of your round, having a beautiful clubhouse, first-class meal, and a celebratory drink will close the deal. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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