Paintball The ultimate game of stealth and strategy and darn good fun too! Bring your friends or enemies to battle the survival of the fittest. We offer different games like: Capture the flag, Hide and go seek and Zombie. Our tactical course is situated on our exclusive property across Zebula main entrance and is not closed off to game. Come and experience warfare in a natural, rugged environment with all the challenges of nature as well! We provide you with a paintball gun, helmet, 100 paintballs, vests, gloves and overalls. We have a variety of paintball guns in order for you to plan your different strategies – from pistols to sniper guns! Also, should 100 balls not be enough, you Guide will refill your hopper for R1 per extra ball. During your battle, your Guide will be the referee to ensure all is fare. Full instructions on how to operate your equipment and the course rules will be provided. Great for team building and to sort family arguments!

  • 14 years and older
  • Protective wear compulsory
  • Remember comfortable clothes and shoes(close)
  • Beverages can be purchased at Adventure Centre
  • Minimum of 4 people
  • Maximum of 20 people per challenge
  • Please enquire at Adventure Centre for available times and rates.<br />

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Age restriction - 12+ (Minimum 6 Guests)