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Zebula Airfield (FAZEBU) Information

Zebula has an amazing tarred airfield, whilst the lodge boasts other attractions such as a friendly Restaurant and Pub, Premier Golfing, relaxing Spa, and Activities for the whole family including Elephant Interactions, Game Drives, Horse trails, Quad Biking trails, Clay Target Shooting, Archery, and much more. So fly in and enjoy your time away!

Coordinates: 24°45’22” S   027°58’12” E

Elevation: 1284m MSL / 4212ft  AMSL

Runway: 08/26 – 1400 x 13m (ASPH) Centre section of 13m is hard surface – 3m compact gravel

Frequency: TFC 124.8 Mhz

Call Sign: Zebula Traffic

Circuits: No defined circuits in use though preferred circuit is to the South away from the lodge and houses, i.e. 08 RH circuit, 26 LH circuit. Usually a crosswind from 170°.


  • Fuel – No AVGAS for purchase, MOGAS 95 Available
  • Reception 014 734 7700 / 30 to arrange pickup from the airfield



  1. The airfield is unmanned, so please follow the standard procedures for an unmanned airfield.
  2. Airfield situated in a Game Reserve. Wild animals can roam on RWY. RWY is not fenced – Exercise caution.
  3. Unless wind is adverse preferred take off is downhill from RWY 08.
  4. Large hanger situated 200m from threshold RWY 26.
  5. Trees on THR RWY08.
  6. Usually more active airfield on weekends. Exercise caution as there is a lot of fixed wing activity here.


The Zebula airstrip is a PRIVATE UNREGISTERED airfield and the PILOT in command needs to assess the safety and take

full responsibility for all his actions. The Zebula Governing Body will not be held responsible for any incidents, injuries or death.

Should you damage the airstrip you will be liable for damages.

Please complete the following Airstrip landing form before landing or upon landing at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa